On 31.03.2015 Tuesday, we had a successful meeting and discussions for opportunities to develop relationships and joint ventures for establishing new businesses with Iranian companies ; with the Oman Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran HE Ali Akbar Sibeveih

Below in the pic you can find our chairman Mr.Hilal Salim Al Sinani with the Iranian Ambassador to Muscat,Oman; recognizing their support and efforts as a token of appreciation

Recently on 3rd March 2015 we had a delegation from flotstroyservis at our office from Moscow Russia.

This business visit was to involve in to a joint venture program between both the companies for the marine services and dredging projects in Oman and GCC

Our chairman along with the delegation visited Russian Consulate of Oman and appreciated their efforts for their support

In the picture below you will find our Chairman, Mr.Hilal Al Sinani giving a token of appreciation to the Russian Ambassador of Oman.

This is monthly issue of March 2015; Oman Economic Review magazine for railway edition

In this magazine you will find below ; we participated to publish our advertising and article on opportunities by our chairman.

An MOU was signed between Advanced Rail Technologies and Al Bahja for partnership/joint ventures to participate in Railways services for Oman railway project.

Al Bahja Construction, Engineering & Trading Co. LLC participated in GCC Rail and Metro Conference Jan 2015.

Below are some memorable pictures from the event with GCC Secretariat General ,GCC Chairman Chamber of Commerce; along with other participating sponsors and companies that were the part of the conference. 

In the pics below you will find our group Chairman Mr.Hilal Al Sinani, our Projects Advisor: Mr. Adeel Irshad, our Legal Advisor NY USA Attorney: Caitlin Moran Hayes ; our partners in railway project Mr. Tom Greaves ; Chairman from Advanced Rail Technologies UK


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